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Party Marquee Hire

Organizing a party on the outdoor can be a somewhat hectic and challenging affair. But when you have the right tents and equipment, setting up the venue and getting the party started is hassle-free. The good thing is, you don’t really have to own a tent in order to plan an outdoor party. You can simply hire one, use it for a day or two and return it once you are done. With our range of party marquee hire services, you can actually customize your event to accommodate and entertain your guests in a unique way. However, before you get started, there are a number of things you might need to know about hiring marquees and tents.

What Types Of Party Marquees Are Available For Hire?

Marquees come in different designs and shapes that can accommodate the tastes and preferences of different clients. And there is a huge range of budget marquees that can be perfect for hosting various outdoor parties with different themes.

Some of the main types of marquees that can be ideal for a party include:

-Framed marquees

-Trapeze marquees

-Dome marquees

-Traditional marquees

You can always feel free to customize your marquee with disco setup & lighting, stage floor, dining setting and more.

What Kind Of Parties Are Marquees Ideal For?

Marquees can literally be used for any kind of party or event whose venue is set on the outdoor. Whether it’s a graduation party, birthday party, Christmas party or get-together party, a marquee can provide a perfect platform to entertain and have lively conversations with family and friends amidst the fresh outdoor aura.

Our marquees can be perfect for events of all sizes ranging from small gatherings of as low as 20 people through to huge parties with 300 guests and more. That means you don’t really have to minimize the list of guests for your upcoming party. Just give us a call and we’ll deliver the perfect size to you.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Party Marquee?

The cost of a party marquee is largely dependent on the type and size as well as the period of hire. The number of
complementary equipment you choose also affects the overall cost. There are plenty of high-quality budget marquees though that you can take advantage of and save even more.

To get instant marquees for your upcoming party, simply call or send us an email to get a FREE quotation.