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Gazebo Hire

If you are planning a small get-together party, casual birthday part, product launch or would want to have extra stands to provide shade and shelter in your event, then gazebos might be just be what you need. And our gazebo hire service provides the perfect set up to get your event going. We have a range of pop up gazebos with open and closed sides that you can choose from. Contact us today to get instant gazebo for your upcoming event.

Why Choose Gazebo for Your Event

Gazebos are always simple in design and are meant to provide an open refreshing view of the outdoor setting. Compared to the traditional tents, gazebos provide a rather intimate space for you to enjoy quiet conversations with family and friends. And when hosting a huge outdoor wedding or party and need something to complement the tents, gazebos can really come in handy.

Here are more reasons why gazebos are a great option:

-They are more affordable in terms of hiring

– They are ideal for small gatherings like catering functions, karaoke, sing-a-longs and more

-They are easy to set up and disassemble

-They can literally be used anywhere like the on the lawn, patio, deck or by the roadside

-They can easily be customized with flooring, decorations and themes to suit your needs and style

Our Service Locations

Our tents and gazebo hire service spreads across all the major parts of Australia. Some of the areas in Australia that we service include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.